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Our Expertise Recruitment Executive Search Outplacement

Our clients need to find very specific types of people to develop their business and maintain their growth. We help our clients be successful by providing them with those hard to find people.

Our Company is composed of 2 teams:
- Junior consultants for the success based recruitment projects
- Senior consultants for the retained based recruitment projects
We take on recruitment projects that we execute efficiently on a contingency basis.

We source candidates from a variety of sources, notably
TELLURIDE proprietary database
Professional networks
Our own advertising

Furthermore, we guarantee the following quality standards:
1. Candidates have been interviewed
2. Candidates have been informed of the position and the company
3. They have agreed to be presented to our clientVoir le fichier
In parallel with our recruitment services, we offer two outplacement solutions supported by a dedicated team of experts.


The individual outplacement is composed of 4 steps:

Professional and personal assessment
Definition of a professional project
Active job search
Integration follow-up

These 4 steps are divided in 13 interviews on a 6 months period. During that time, a dedicated office and relevant IT tools are available to outplaced participants.


In our offices, we propose a full-service outplacement solution including:

An advisory and information desk;
A 1 day training program on communication and presentation skills;
A professional and personal assessment for each participant;
A 6 interviews outplacement program.


A team of specialised consultants supported by a team of specialised recruiters;
A strong expertise of the Luxembourg banking sector;
A successful and proven track record as a local recruitment provider;
High-standard logistical infrastructure
A hands-on and recruiter approach in assisting outplaced professionals.