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Individual advice

Our recruitment team is available to provide you with support for personal and career planning. Through dialogue with you, our consultant develops specific proposals based on your professional requirements, your personal situation and information from the market.

• Where are the opportunities for new challenges?
• When is the right time to make a move?
• What is the medium-term outlook in your sector

A useful help with career development

You can take advantages of your consultant's combination of management expertise and sector experience to assess the financial market situation and uncover definite opportunities.

Objective market information

Only a consultant can point you towards attractive career opportunities at an early stage, or advise you on the acceptable remuneration levels for your current position, or for a sought-after position in a particular sector. TELLURIDE bases the objectivity of its data on its own in-house research.

Quality understanding

Discretion is an absolute obligation for TELLURIDE's consultants. Without this, it would be impossible to maintain an open and trusting dialogue with you.




This form, fast to complete, will be sent to the consultant in charge with your activity division. We will come back to you soon, by phone or email to give you an answer.

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