Every year, we conduct a survey on the Luxembourg market. This survey helps our clients and candidates understand in more detail the sector they operate in.
We focus our survey on Talent and HR issues.
Apart from purely economic topics, we concentrate our analysis on the management population and more specifically:

- Salary surveys
- Executive compensation
- Satisfaction surveys
- HR benchmarks

Luxembourg Industrial Sector Survey 2018

TELLURIDE has carried out a survey of the Industrial sector in Luxembourg. The purpose of this survey is to better understand the current issues and future risks of this industry by defining its characteristics and analyzing its major Human Capital indicators. The following questionnaire is targeted at professionals and is focusing on market overview, companies' branding and reputation, retention and recruitment issues, salary benchmarks and recruitment trends. The survey was compiled by sending out two electronic questionnaires to 5,700 Industry professionals working in Luxembourg (employers' population and employees' population). Theses results provide us with the necessary market insight, to give you the best possible advice when it comes to recruiting the best possible professionals.

Keywords: survey, industry, Luxembourg

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