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Our approach is based on confidentiality, quality, ethics and respect for both candidates and clients. We do our best to serve our candidates with respect and provide our clients with the best and most relevant solutions to serve their business.

Our team is composed of experienced consultants who not only have a background in the recruitment of executives but also have an extensive network within their specific market areas.

Our dedicated international research team is specialised in identifying and sourcing the best talents  across Europe.

Our solid methodology coupled with outstanding Recruitment and Executive Search tools and an in-depth knowledge of our practice areas offer a quick and precise solution to our clients' needs.


We take on recruitment mandates to search for managers, experts &  executives on a retained basis.

We have a detailed and structured process for finding relevant candidates which combined with our ethical and confidential approach ensures success.

In this field, we offer tailor made solutions covering

• A list of targeted countries
• The scope of relevant sourcing tools and solutions
• A list of targeted companies
• A detailed list of targeted candidates
• Detailed and weekly reporting tools
• A compliance executive check

This recruitment approach is ideal for Executive functions where the assignment is exclusive and where the opportunity requires a very specific skill set.


We take on recruitment projects that we execute efficiently on a contingency basis.

We source candidates from a variety of sources, notably
- TELLURIDE proprietary database
- Professional networks
- Our own advertising

Furthermore, we guarantee the following quality standards:
1. Candidates have been interviewed
2. Candidates have been informed of the position and the company
3. They have agreed to be presented to our client

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